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Hang Gliding


Fly your virtual hang-glider and explore the fascinating Alpine landscape. Enjoy this amazing real-time 3D VR simulation on you smart phone. It´s not a movie. It´s a real-time 3D environment. You can look around 360°, explore the surroundings and steer your hang-glider by tilting the smartphone to the left, right forth and back. This app is a 3D stereoscopic simulation that requires the i-mmersive glasses. It has been developed to best be consumed with the i-mmersive glasses. You can order the glasses here: www.i-mmersive.netHave fun!
ATTENTION! You will need the i-mmersive glasses to enjoy this simulation. You can order the glasses here:
If you want to know more about i-mmersive stereoscopic products visit our web site:
i-mmersive glasses available here: